I think my fountain is leaking. What should I do?

Many customers contact Fountain Doctors concerned that their fountain is leaking. In most cases, the fountain does not have a leak but is losing water due to evaporation and splash out. It is critical that adequate water be maintained in a fountain to ensure the pump and submersible lights are not damaged. Here's a simple way to test for a leak:

  1. Fill your fountain with water and mark the top of the water level.
  2. Turn off your pump and automatic water-fill (if you have this feature).
  3. Wait 24 hours.
  4. Look at the water level and compare to the mark. If the water level has dropped significantly (greater than 2"), then your fountain has a leak. If not, then your water loss is due to splash out and evaporation.

If you do not have an automatic water-fill capacity, Fountain Doctors can provide a free estimate to add this feature to your fountain.

How can I repaint my fountain?

Repainting a concrete fountain is not too difficult and since there are so many paint options to choose from, we recommend customers try it themselves. You'll need high quality outdoor latex or masonry paint for your fountain. First, clean the fountain and let it dry. Then, apply the paint with a brush or cloth to get your desired look. (Tip: consult your local paint store for advice on paint techniques such as antiquing). Once the fountain is painted, apply an exterior clear sealer to provide long-lasting durability.

Fountain Doctors also works in partnership with decorative faux painters. Please call our office or send us an email at info@fountaindoctors.com to request painter referrals.

What can I do to control the algae in my fountain?

Keeping your fountain clean especially during the hot, summer months is challenging. Ideally, you'll need to regularly drain, clean, and refill the fountain. Once it is clean, you can add algaecide products (available at your local DIY or pool supply store), but be careful not to harm the finish on your fountain. Fountain Doctors offers maintenance plans tailored to meet your specifc needs ensuring your fountain will maintains it's beauty.

My GFCI breaker keeps tripping. Do I need a new pump?

When a pump starts showing signs of age and deterioration, it may start tripping the GFCI. However, you should first rule out an electrical problem. A simple test is to plug the pump into another GFCI protected receptacle (that you know is working fine) to see if it trips that GFCI as well. If not, then you should contact an electrician. If the pump continues to trip the GFCI, contact Fountain Doctors to schedule a pump replacement.

My plastic float is broken. Do you sell replacements?

Yes as well as a variety of float valve assemblies. Just give us a call for assistance.

Do you repair drinking water fountains?

No. We recommend contacting a plumbing company for this service.